About Us

We are collectors first,...

We are not just here to sell cars. We are just like you, collectors and lovers of vintage automobiles. We believe vintage vehicles to be a great investment, and one of the only investments you can actually enjoy. We also believe there is a classic car out there to fit nearly every need and budget. From Ferrari to Gremlin every vintage car has an interesting history and character and can be thoroughly enjoyable.

You can feel confident in buying a car from us, because you are not just buying an 'old, used car'. We have been buying and selling vintage cars now for over 20 years, and are looking for the same qualities you are in the cars we sell. We buy cars we like. Every car we buy we put our own money into because we want to own it, if even only for a brief while. If it doesn't find a buyer, we want to be satisfied that we have a quality automobile to own. And we have every intention of driving and enjoying our classic vehicles until they find a new home, so you can be sure that every vehicle we purchase gets a 100 point inspection and is fully road tested by experienced technicians. We want every light to work, every switch to operate properly and every mechanical feature to be functional. While this is not always completely possible, we will make whatever repairs we can to bring any vehicles we buy up to these standards before we offer it for sale. And we will not sell any vehicle until it is considered 'complete' and we have personally driven it ourselves. We expect every vehicle to be a great representation of its Make/Model, completely functional and street drivable for enjoyment without undue fear of mechanical failure or safety. We are collectors as well, and hope for the same buying experience you do, a good quality, easily drivable vehicle.

We always carry an exclusive stock of hand-picked classic cars, usually with low mileage and excellent repair history or other records. Our cars are always prepared to the highest standards for resale, and we will list any issues with the car be they mechanical or cosmetic. Further details, videos and photographs of our current inventory are always available on request.

Please let us know if you are looking for something specific that is not shown here, as we do have access to several collections and may be able to source a vehicle that meets your requirements. Through our years of growing contacts with numerous business partners in sales, parts and vintage vehicle repair, we have a fantastic network of professionals within the classic car industry across globe. We can find specific vehicles, or have modifications made to a vehicle we have for sale.

We will do our best to keep the online inventory updated, but please keep in mind most of our cars are often sold quickly, sometimes without online publicity and often before they are posted on this website. If you see something you like or know what you want to find don't hesitate to contact us to try and make it yours.

Together we are working to keep these examples of automotive history alive and on the road for many years to come.