Yes, there are financing options for vintage vehicles,....

Most buyers today have no idea what types of financing options are available to them. While credit requirements vary, most options offer an affordable way to own your dream car today, with reasonable rates for a low monthly payment.

We can offer two types of financing:
1) Traditional Financing through a 3rd party lender
2) In-House 'short-term' financing

- This is just like buying a new car. You can call or fill out a form online and it is submitted for a quick approval. Feel free to give us a call and we can fill out and submit the application for you. This type of financing has a lower interest rate and is typically amortized over 2-5 years, but has higher credit requirements.

Our preferred lender is: JJ Best Financing, located on the web at
They can also be contacted directly at: 1-800-USA-1965

They have a quick one-page form you can fill out for a quick response, or you can call them and discuss directly over the telephone. You will have your answer usually in less than an hour.

- We offer an option for in-house financing for a short term. We require a substantial deposit that is non-refundable but have no credit requirements. We will discuss a monthly payment plan for short term payoff, typically 3-12 months. The details and terms will vary depending on the vehicle, purchase price, deposit amount and payment amount.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss details and see if we can help you buy your dream car today.

Telephone: 888.716.5333