There are many associated hassles and dangers with try to sell your vehicle yourself.
1) Do you know how to properly clean and photograph your vehicle for the best sales opportunity?
2) Are you able to properly video your vehicle and post it online?
3) It takes alot of time and knowledge to list your vehicles online through Ebay, Craigslist, AutoTrader and other sites. How will you get exposure?
4) It takes alot of time to schedule and manage the people who claim to be interested and want to stop by and see the car, or take it for a drive.
5) These strangers that show up at your home, are they interested in buying your vehicle, or stealing it? Or are they casing your house for later?

You can avoid all of these issues and more by selling your vehicle through us on consignment. We will clean and prepare your car, take photographs and video. We will list the car online through our website and others and best of all we will handle all of the hassle of the sales process for you. Once your car is sold you get a check directly from us, not a stranger, and never had to lift a finger. To inquire about consigning your vehicle all you need to do is fill out the short form below with some basic information about your vehicle. We will get back with you as soon as we have reviewed the information.

When you decide to place your vehicle on consignment we have certified technicians that will perform a 100 point complete inspection to ensure the vehicle is safe and road worthy and meets our requirements. We will let you know if there are any issues that would prevent your vehicle from being sold. If there are any issues, if they can be addressed and you choose to have them corrected then we will take care of that for you to prepare the vehicle for sale. The better the condition of your vehicle the easier it is to sell. Then we will have the car detailed and take proper photos and video for advertising. You retain ownership of all video and photos produced for advertisement.


Consignment Selling Fees and Service Pricing

We offer very simple pricing to consign your vehicle.

100pt Inspection                        $75.00
Basic Wash & Vacuum              $35.00
Professional Detailing               $135.00 and up
Advertising & Marketing           $199.00 (for 180 days) (without video)
Advertising & Marketing           $399.00 (for 180 days) (with video)
Repair Rates range                     $35hr - $75hr
Consignment Fee                        $1,000.00 minimum / eight percent (8%) of the sale price of the vehicle

Marketing and service work is paid for when the vehicle is consigned. Any repairs requested are paid for at the time the work is performed.

The Consignment Selling Fee is not paid until the vehicle is sold and will be deducted out of the proceeds of the sale.