Year :1955

Price :70,000.00

Type :Specialty

Make :Chevrolet

Vehicle Description:

VIDEOS: Click here for engine running and driving videos VIDEOS: Click here for a promo video showcasing the car
  • VIN: VC55S******
  • Year: 1955
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Belair
  • Exterior Color: Weathered Gray
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage: 500
  • Engine: 454 Stroker V8
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Muncie M22 ‘Rock Crusher’
Vehicle Description:
This is a very authentic tribute of the famous ‘55’ from Two Lane Blacktop (circa 1971, featuring Warren Oates, James Taylor, Dennis Wilson & Laurie Bird). The original car sold for $159,500 through Barrett Jackson in 2015. This is your chance to have a great vintage throwback for a fraction of the price. This car has many great features, including a fiberglass tilt front end like the original, 600hp 454 engine, ‘Rock Crusher’ Muncie M22 4 speed transmission and Ford 9” posi 4:11 rear end. This is a real throwback to vintage hot rods and a great tribute race car for anyone who loved the gassers of the 70’s or the movie Two Lane Blacktop. This car comes from a private collection and has never been raced, just used for pleasure drives since construction. This car is a real 2 door ‘post’ Belair as seen from the VIN decoding posted below. This car has been painstakingly recreated to be as close to the original as was possible, with the exception of some upgrades for improved driving enjoyment. It of course has all of the requisite hardware, the 454 engine putting out an estimated 600hp, the M22 ‘Rock Crusher’ 4 speed trans with straight-cut gears for the unmistakable ‘whine’ and the 9” limited slip posi rear with 4:11 gears to get you off the line, all items having been newly rebuilt as of 2019. To make sure it stops, the car was upgraded with dual power disc brakes (slotted disc in front, drum in rear) with complete stainless line kit. The mechanicals also include a new reproduction fuel tank and stainless fuel line, Lakewood scatter-shield bellhousing, tubular transmission mount and a driveshaft loop to contain the new custom built & balanced driveshaft. One change from the film car was the front end keeps the original a-arm suspension instead of a drag racing solid axle in order to keep driving a pleasurable experience. The suspension was completely rebuilt with new shocks, bushings, and tubular upper and lower control arms. It also has a factory style HD front sway bar that keeps the car tame in the corners. We see the rear leaf springs were relocated slightly inboard for better clearance of the rear Mickey Thompson tires. The ebrake was also rebuilt and works like new. The car is powered by a yellow top optima battery relocated into the trunk with a battery cut-off for storage and undercar battery jump posts just in case. I have driven the car on the back roads and the highway up to 70mph and it feels solid. This car has the sliding lexan side windows just like the movie, but new front and rear glass and seals. The car does have the correct full fiberglass tilt front end and custom aluminum hood scoop exact to the original, covering the dual Edelbrock 500cfm carburetors sitting atop the authentic Weiand dual 4bbl tunnel ram intake. The exhaust is through authentic fenderwell long tube nickel headers into true dual exhaust that can exit in front of the rear tires through Flowmaster Super 40 series mufflers for a deep rumble or exit behind the front tires through the period correct EZ-cutouts to really upset your neighbors. The wheels are accurate American Racing ‘Daisy’ wheels, correct for the period. The steering was all rebuilt with new parts, as well as a rebuilt manual steering box modified for the aftermarket GM tilt column. The oil pan is a 6-quart Milodon pan. The car was rewired with a new aftermarket wiring harness and switches. Cooling is accomplished with an aftermarket large core aluminum radiator and dual 12” electric fans. The ignition is MSD 6AL with a pro-billet distributor. Unlike the vintage racecars it represents, this car comes with a very nice full interior, to include a new white headliner and new black interior panels, custom carpet, rear seat delete & sport ‘suspension’ racing seats. It has a 4-point cage and 5-point harnesses in keeping with the racing theme, as well as a fully painted and trimmed dash as shown in the photos. The shifting is done with a period correct Hurst shifter assembly and white pool-ball knob. On the dash is a vintage Sun tach for watching your RPMs while leaving the GTOs behind. The speakers were replaced, and the radio is a new factory appearance 300-watt model with Bluetooth, AM/FM, ipod and USB inputs. The wipers are an aftermarket electric kit that look completely original from the outside. The speedometer is a rebuilt original and works well, I calculated it to read 5mph slower than actual speed. All the turn signals and dash indicators for turn and high beams work, all dash lights & dome light work, the cigar lighter and everything else of course work as expected. The fuel filler door was left as stock for appearance, but fuel filling is done in the trunk just like in the movie through a stainless flip-top fuel cap. As a departure from the movie, the trunk opens as original for ease of use, rather than having to pin-off to access the compartment. The paint in the interior is gloss black. The undercarriage is black (or undercoating) and the exterior is finished in a primer gray made to look weathered like in the movie. The body alignment is very good. The hood, trunk and doors open and close beautifully. There are a few misc nicks and scrapes from use but nothing major. The body itself looks very good and solid. The car was obviously built with performance in mind, and it performs its intended job well. There will be no mistaken who it is when you pull into your local car meet. The gears mesh well, and it is a blast to drive. The gearing gives it a good pull off the line. When I drove it, I was certainly impressed by the acoustics and powerful feel. This car was built in the neighborhood of $80,000 and would likely cost more for you to duplicate today. This car just as it is now starts right up and drives great! Everything is working and in top shape except as has been mentioned. Lots of nice options, restored interior and high-performance mechanicals. A very great looking, great driving classic! We are confident that you could drive this car anywhere. Cruise in style with something unique and different, stand out from the Mustangs and Camaros, this one is available just in time! Don't miss out on a chance to own a unique piece of automotive history, ready to enjoy now. Features:
• Authentic Tilt Fiberglass Front End & Hood Scoop • Rebuilt 600hp 454ci Dual-Quad Tunnel Ram V8 • Rebuilt 4 speed M22 Muncie ‘Rock Crusher’ transmission • Rebuilt Ford 9” limited slip Posi rear w/ 4:11 gears • ‘Weathered’ Primer durable exterior • Rebuilt Full Dual Exhaust w/ racing cutouts • Rebuilt Suspension • Rebuilt Steering • New aftermarket Factory Deluxe AM/FM/Bluetooth radio in the dash • Rebuilt Dual Power Brakes w/ Performance Front Disc • Beautifully detailed chrome trimmed dash • New Aftermarket ‘Suspension’ Racing Seats & Harnesses • Large core aluminum radiator & dual electric fans for performance cooling • Aftermarket Retro ‘Daisy’ wheels and performance tires • Relocated Optima battery with cut-off switch • New electric wiper kitDefects:
• a few minor misc paint nicks from use (see photos) The car looks amazing, drives well and gets a lot of attention. Very fun car to take to the local meet or cruise around town. We have driven the car on 50 mile round trips and never had any problems. Keep in mind it is an overall 67 years old and not a new car, but it is in amazing rebuilt condition. You can hop in right now, drive home and enjoy. If you are looking to get into a classic car without spending a fortune this would be the opportunity for you. We do consider trades in the specialty or classic category. We can also discuss payment terms or options. We are happy to try and make a deal. Feel free to make offers, and if you have any questions please message or call 888-716-5333

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