Year :1968

Price :SOLD

Type :Coupe

Make :Dodge

Vehicle Description:

VIDEOS: Click here for engine running and driving videos
  • VIN: XP29G8G*****
  • Year: 1968
  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Charger
  • Exterior Color: SIlver
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage: 13,500
  • Engine: 383 2bbl V8
  • Transmission: 727 3-Speed Automatic
Vehicle Description:
What you are looking at here is a rare find, and as with all unique finds it has a great story. This car was last on the road in 1984 when the owner became unable to drive any more. It still has its 1984 inspection and registration stickers in the windshield. Unable to drive the car any longer he put it into stored inside in his garage until one day his grandson was old enough to appreciate cars and began to inquire about the 'hot rod' in the garage. Unfortunately, due to having sat for 20 years they were unable to get it started. The pair began to tinker with the car here and there as a family project but due to one’s advanced age and the others inexperience with cars they were never able to get the car to run.
After several years the owner passed away and left the car to his grandson who by this time was working and had some disposable income. The car was then sent to a repair shop that identified the running issue to be a very fouled and corroded fuel tank. They replaced the fuel tank, cleaned out the fuel lines, rebuilt the carb and the engine fired right up after over 30 years and took its first drive around the block on its original bias ply tires. It was then mechanically rebuilt. It also received light upgrades such as electronic ignition and new performance wheels and tires for reliability and covered in an amazing textured 'Brushed Steel' vinyl wrap. Most people who have seen the car cannot tell it is not real bare steel even when up close. It has all the aesthetics without any of the maintenance!
It was not on the road from 1984 until sometime around 2016. All of the work was done to make the car drivable and enjoyable again. The brakes are all drums but have been rebuilt and function properly. The power steering is working perfectly. It received an alignment when the wheels/tires were replaced and all lighting, blinkers and everything you need to enjoy this vehicle are in proper working order. The transmission was rebuilt. The vinyl top was replaced, and the body was all sanded down, prepped and primed and then covered with a textured vinyl wrap to imitate brushed metal without the hassles of rust. Top quality 3M vinyl was used, panels are easy to recover in the event of damage.
This vehicle still sports its factory original big block 383 driveline with 727 transmission, rebuilt. This is a great looking and great driving Charger with original interior and underpinnings just with cosmetic additions to the exterior. It cruises easily at 70mph. The AM radio works, but the original antenna has been replaced with a hidden antenna under the dash. All of the windows work great, as do the seats. The rest of the interior is in great shape. All black, the door panels and carpet appear to have been replaced with new, but the seats and headliner appear to be great condition original. The console trim looks good and the console door works decent though does not appear to align perfectly when closed. The glovebox is in new condition. The steering wheel is in original and in great shape. The horn operates properly, and the car has a new battery.
The body is covered in a high-quality 3M textured vinyl such as what is used on modern Rolls Royce’s. The brushed steel texture is amazing and realistic even up close. It is very durable and easy to wash, and repairs are much less expensive than with a traditional paint job. The hood, trunk and doors open and close beautifully (see videos on our website). The engine bay is clean and looks good, I would say show ready in case you want to pop the hood. It performs its intended job well, it runs amazing. It has a low, loping rumble at idle with a smooth acceleration. The exhaust is a 2.5" aluminized true dual setup with 'H' pipe and dual Flowmaster 40 series mufflers and original tips. The flip-over headlights operate great, the vacuum lines were replaced when the other work was done. The shocks were also replaced, as you can see from the undercar photos. All repair and maintenance items appear to have been address and in great shape. You'll also notice from the undercar photos that the floor is in excellent shape. We also pulled back the carpet to take a look at the top side of the floor and it is in really great shape all around (see photos on the website)
When I drove the car, I was impressed by the acoustics at low idle and the smooth cruising feel of the big engine through the 3-speed automatic. The tires are massive, with a 275/55/17 rear tire footprint which keeps you planted and stable unless you really want to break it loose on purpose. It felt good when getting on the open road and letting it run up to 70mph. The ignition was upgraded with the later factory Mopar electronic ignition, so no worries about getting stranded with burned points.
The tires are in new condition with deep tread on aftermarket wheels. 275mm wide tires in the rear on 17x8 American Racing Magnum 500 wheels and 225mm tires on 17x7 AR Mag 500's in the front. The trim is all in great original condition. The hood turn signal indicators work great, and just like the rest of the lenses are all new. This car has been stored indoors for over 30 years with the previous owners and of course indoors in our private collection this past year. All of the glass is good and works very well. The weather-stripping appears to have been replaced when the reconditioning was done. It all appears soft and in great condition. The car also has a 1:64 custom bare steel matching keychain so you never forget which car the keys belong to. This car just as it is now starts right up and drives great! It shows very well and looks great, as you can see from the photos and video. Everything is working and in top shape. A very great looking, great driving classic! I have driven it for testing and pleasure, and it is a lot of fun and gets a lot of attention. The car has no mechanical problems that we can find. We are confident that you could drive this car anywhere. Cruise in style with something unique and different, stand out from the mustangs and camaros with some original Mopar muscle! Don't miss out on a chance to own a unique piece of automotive history, ready to enjoy now.

• Original 383ci Big Block V8 engine
• Bulletproof 727 3 speed automatic transmission (rebuilt)
• Satin Black durable paint in engine bay and jambs
• Textured, brushed steel 3M exterior vinyl wrap
• Full Dual Exhaust with H-pipe and Flowmaster 40 series mufflers
• Factory power steering
• Factory Deluxe AM radio in the dash
• Beautifully conditioned interior
• Near mint bucket seats
• Great condition original interior and exterior trim
• Completely restored and functional mechanicals and electricals
• Modern electronic ignition upgrade
• Aftermarket 17” American Racing Magnum 500 replica wheels and wide performance tires
• Custom matching 1:64 keychain

• none found

Other than the above, the car looks amazing, drives well and gets alot of attention. Very fun car to take to the local meet or cruise around town. We have driven the car 150 mile round trips into Houston and never had any problems. Keep in mind it is 51 years old and not a new car, but it is in amazing condition considering its age. You can hop in right now, drive home and enjoy.
If you are looking to get into a classic car without spending a fortune this would be the opportunity for you. We do consider trades in the specialty or classic category. We can also discuss payment terms or options. We are happy to try and make a deal. Feel free to make offers, and if you have any questions please message or call 888-716-5333

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