Year :2011

Price :32,000.00

Type :Other

Make :Chevrolet

Vehicle Description:

  • VIN: 1GYS4GEF9BR******
  • Year: 2011
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: Escalade
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Mileage: 101,000
  Vehicle Description:
This is the perfect vehicle for someone looking for a personal limousine or wanting to add an SUV to their livery collection. This is a great looking and driving Cadillac Escalade. It is in like new shape with slight wear from use. The black paint looks excellent. It did have some key scratch issues on the back door, passenger side and hood but they have been repainted and polished and are not visible, please see the hires photos. The hood, trunk and all doors open and close like brand new. It is in very good condition with many amazing features for the passenger. This car just as it is now starts right up and drives great! It performs like a brand new Cadillac. Everything is in great working order. The exterior, undercarriage and driveline are stock Cadillac Escalade, but it does have good upgrades such as Flex Fuel if you do not want to run it on gasoline, but I just use gasoline. It also has all time All Wheel Drive. I have driven it through a bad rainstorm on my way back from a vacation and it was incredibly stable in bad weather conditions. This is NOT a stretched vehicle, it is a factory Cadillac Escalade chassis, the same size as a Suburban.
The front of the SUV is exactly like every other Cadillac Escalade with the addition of a touchscreen LCD module for complete control over the rear features of the SUV from the front if needed. It has power locks and windows, in addition to the full power front bucket seats with console that includes cigar lighter outlets and USB outlets for charging accessories. The console has two storage compartments and the latch is not working on one so it opens without pressing the button. The woodgrain trim is beautiful and in great condition. It has the rear view camera, LCD screen, CD and DVD. All options you could get in a Cadillac. The partition does prevent the front seats from laying out flat, but are good for driving. The longest single drive we took in this vehicle was about 17 hours and there were not issues with sitting in the front or driving, but none of us are over 6 feet tall. The exhaust is smooth, and the SUV cruises easy considering its size. The engine is powerful but smooth like you would expect a Cadillac. On my trips across country I have driven many highway miles at 70mph and 80mph with no issues. This vehicle has lots of amazing options, leather full power reclining seats that lay back and have a power foot rest to prop your feet up, not to mention power massage function.
In the rear section of the vehicle you have a lot of room. There are two fold down jump seats and two full power massage recliners, so seats for 4 people in the back. ALL seats front and back have standard 3 point seat belts. The carpet is a plush black. All upholstery is in black leather with many polished wood appointments in the rear. Between the jump seats in a cooler with a drain. You can fill with ice and no worries of a leak. The TV is power operated and is inside the partition and goes up and down by operating from the touchscreen LCD controls. The rear doors have power windows and locks that work from the front or the rear. The rear section also has its own A/C controls and vents that are operated by the passengers in the rear, again from the touchscreen LCD controls. The recliners have moveable arm rests and power operated leg rests to prop your feet up. There is standard dome lighting in the rear as well as LED lighting that can be turned on from the LCD controls. Both sides have a hidden polished wood desk that pulls out and unfolds for either rear passenger to use, along with a flexible desk light. Each side has a cup holder, 110v ac power plug and a cigar lighter outlet for accessories. There is a Parrot Bluetooth module in the truck but I don’t know how to work that, but I use the Bluetooth feature in the rear CD player and it works just great for audio, video or telephone. There are storage compartments on either side of the rear compartment with polished wooden lids. There is a very small tear in the upholstery on both recliners next to the foot rest switch, about 1 inch long or less, I think from the switches being replaced at some time. The rear seats are full power forward, recline, foot rest and massage. The very rear of the vehicle is perfect for storage, luggage or whatever. Plenty of space for large suitcases.
Tires are good but getting worn on factory Cadillac wheels. The trim is all in pretty good original condition. This car has most recently been stored indoors in private collections but has been driven regularly. All of the glass is like new with good tint and all power. All of the woodwork shines and looks great. The interior is in great shape, looks new. The seats appear near mint and very soft and comfortable for a long cruise. All of the lighting works.
If you are looking for a nice road trip or vacation vehicle, or looking for an SUV limo for business, your not going to find a better deal than this. A bone stock 2011 Cadillac Escalade with this mileage and in this condition books at $21,000. This ESV livery edition sells for over $100,000 when new. And don’t even consider the Lincoln Navigator editions, we looked at those before buying this one and you cannot put the Lincoln models on your standard insurance policy because they are coded in the VIN numbers but the Cadillacs are not and are easy to insure, no commercial or specialty insurance required.
Haul the family around in style this summer or hire your own driver to help you run your errands and conduct business.
Similar vehicles are in the $40,000 - $60,000 range. We got a great deal on this one and are passing it on to you. This truck is in great shape and ready to drive today. Be aware that the mileage will change some as I am still happily using it for weekend trips. You won’t find a nicer combination of performance and style and it makes for a great business or pleasure vehicle. Don't miss out on a chance to own one of the best luxury SUVs, ready to enjoy now.
• Perfect running V8 engine and Auto transmission
• Current maintenance and service
• Gloss Black dual stage paint
• Black leather interior
• Rear recliner seats with full power including leg rests
• Rear power massage chairs
• Deluxe AM/FM/CD/DVD radio in the front
• Aftermarket AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth in the rear
• All power windows and locks
• Fold away jump seats
• Rear A/C controlled from rear
• Power trunk release
• All Wheel Drive and towing package
• Power disc brakes
• Beautiful woodgrain consoles, desks and trim work
• Clean engine bay
• Rear ice and drink cooler
• Rear hideaway TV screen
• Touchscreen LCD controls in front and rear
• Cadillac performance and beauty

• Had paint defects from key scratches but have been painted and polished, not noticeable (see photos)
This SUV looks amazing, drives well and is great for forgetting about traffic and taking long trips. Very fun for road trips. We have personally driven and been driven in this AWD SUV into Houston and back on 150 mile round trips into Houston and on longer business and personal trips thousands of miles and never had any problems. You can hop in right now, drive home and enjoy.
If you are looking to get into a classic car without spending a fortune this would be the opportunity for you. We do consider trades in the specialty or classic category. We can also discuss payment terms or options. We are happy to try and make a deal. Feel free to make offers, and if you have any questions please message or call 888-716-5333

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